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Get to know Jesus and the truth shall make you free John 8:32

I have lived most of my life with out knowing God. Was raised Catholic so was I exposed to the word, somewhat. My parents made me go to church; after I moved out I just never went or felt the need to.

My father died of cancer when I was 25. I saw the man who cared and provided for me slowly suffer, wither and die. Then I thought how could there be a God who allows this much suffering. If there was a God I was angry with that God and wanted no part of him. I saw faith religion as just businesses to collect money and build churches. All the media around me seemed to say the same thing. I would often hear of story in the media of some religious leader falling to sin or church scandal. Funny how the media rarely reported news about the good churches have done in peoples lives.

Back then the quote I loved by was one by George Garlin that went something like… “God and religion are like orthopedic shoes, if you need them, nothing wrong with wearing them. Hey, but not on my feet!”. And I was having too much fun in life to be involved with God…my life was in the fast lane…too fast for someone wearing orthopedic shoes. The interesting thing with all this, God still let me live my life and for reasons I still do not understand let me prosper.

In those days I fought through the struggles in life with my own understanding. Relying on my own understanding caused each of these struggles to cut me leave scars. Scars, I learned later were used by the devil used to move me further and further from God and his love. I was prospering in the fast lane, but was never satisfied with anything or truly joyful.

In my second marriage, my wife, started to attend River Valley Church. I went along with her under protest and saying OK I will come with you just once a month. My first couple visits, I was angered by what I heard coming from the pulpit. Angered not about what was said (I wasn’t paying attention anyway) but thinking how this long sermon was cutting into my weekend…kept thinking…man I don’t need these goofy orthopedic shoes!!!

After a few more visits, I really started to enjoy the fellowship before and after church service, as I got to know these people I really liked them and what they were about. They were so different than my own idea of “church people”. They were full of joy even during rough times. I also saw a big change in my wife; she seemed to be happier and more content as she listened to more of the word. Then I thought well for all this, going to church once a week is worth it, even if it was for my own selfish reasons. So this is what got me going to church regularly.

Being at church without being made to be there I had no more anger, those orthopedic shoes turned into comfortable flip-flops, the kind you wear at the beach. I started listening to the sermons and slowly my eyes where opened…exactly like versus of that song Amazing Grace. My eyes were opened to how much God has been with me my entire life and never left me. No matter how much I disobeyed him and lived my way he never once loved me any less. All this was a God sent realization with perfect timing.

I came to slowly understand that everything I had, everything I had become, all the happiness and successes in my life, was all a gift from God and nothing to do with me. My past longer mattered to me, Jesus suffered and died for all that; all my debts are forgiven. For the first time in my life I was TRULY HAPPY and content. It is a feeling like I just retired from life, with a rich fat package that would last me into eternity. Before, I always thought Heaven was only after you die, but no it starts as soon as you start to follow Jesus. Yes you will still have many hard ships, but that is all that they will be and you will find strength to deal with them through faith. And best of all none are of these are permanent. Just as Jesus told the second thief on the cross next to him, “From this MOMENT on you will be with me in paradise.

It has been about 3 years now and I attend church every week, go to 2 bible studies and find time to do some ministry work…and all this I enjoy. I never think back of my old life, I can feel the love and forgiveness of the blood Jesus Christ shed for me. Each day I feel like I want to do whatever I can to please and follow Jesus, I can never pay him back for what he has done for me but I can choose to follow him, now and into the future.

God can be like orthopedic shoes if you are apart from him, but if you truly give God and Jesus a chance they become comfy flip-flops you come into a paradise.

By the way, now my favorite quote is printed out side of a local Church in Aurora IL and it says. “All sinners welcome”.

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